A New Hospitality Brand

Who has time to

Drop out

just to

Drop in?


 Step into the light

A New Hotel Brand

ushering in conscious living 


Maybe it’s as simple as

Checking In?

Screenshot 2018-11-18 19.50.54.png

This will not be just

another hotel stay. 


Introducing the luxury of conscious travel .



A national hospitality brand known for introducing aspects of conscious living.

Operate a conscious organization that produces exceptional profits and thriving team members.



Organic Cuisine


Welcome to the table, eat and drink “Family Style”

Meeting you where you are at.

Vegan - Vegetarian - Omnivore Offerings


Yoga & Meditation all day…

Guests are exposed to an expansive way of living through the offerings of yoga, meditation, a host of contemporary wellness treatments and spa services. 

Dropping in without dropping out.


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Stephen Beck CEO & General Manager

With a successful 20 year career managing hotels domestically and abroad with Hyatt, Wyndham, Hilton and Four Seasons. Stephen rose to the post of Regional VP of Sales & Marketing with Hilton Hotels. This foundation as a hotel executive paved the way for Stephen to strike out on his own founding Strato Hotel Consultants LLC, helping hotel owners maximize their profits and streamline hotel operations. Though financially rewarding, the constant travel compromised Stephen's family and his health resulting in open-heart surgery. This wake up call ushered in the realization that there must be something more to life. This question lead Stephen down a path of self-discovery.  After experiencing a few awakening moments in yoga, Stephen opened and operated a yoga studio for the past 3 years. Both teaching yoga and Implementing sound business practices with yogic philosophy. A combination that he believes to be the future of tomorrow’s successful professional.  As it bolsters creativity, elevates people to their life’s purpose and thus creates economic abundance for all. 

Bringing his background full circle Stephen has developed a holistic hospitality brand called Destination Light, Hotels - Camps - Retreats.  This reimagined hospitality brand will service a underserved sector of wellness travelers who desire conscious options when they travel.

Lyle Maxson COO & Director of Operations

Lyle Maxum

After Lyle graduated with honors from W.P Carey School of Business he set out to become a leader in the festival community.  His end goal, to reshape how we interact with ourselves and those around us. He set out to do this one festival attendee at a time, layering in deeper meaning to festivals and events around the globe. As he says it "partying with a purpose".

 This focus prompted Lyle to create the Partner Development Division of Relentless Beats and his own marketing / creative agency called "The Courtiers". These entities produce annually "The Festival Fashion Show", and "Lost Hotel" offerings and are currently on the music festival tour domestically.  Simultaneously garnering sponsors and partnerships for Insomniac, Groove Cruise, and Imagine Festival and countless others.  Producing, planning, operating and revising each event year after year has honed Lyle’s operational and business acumen. He has become known in the music festival community as an able leader who produces exceptional events no matter the obstacles. Lyle has his finger on the pulse of what conscious event goers are looking for and how to provide it at a profit.   Lyle’s ability to promote and operate events successfully dovetails into over seeing hotel operations and marketing at Destination Light.